Easter time in Netgame Entertainment style

Easter time in Netgame Entertainment style

Easter is around the corner, and no matter whether you're religious or not, there are many interesting things to do during this holiday. Since we're kind of responsible for providing entertainment and joy, we've found an excellent idea out to celebrate Easter this year with Spanish taste from Netgame Entertainment.

Catch an excellent & unusual idea to celebrate Easter holidays

Well, despite the challenging time for the world right now, there is always time for holidays, especially such big ones like Easter and even small presents for ourselves. So, we've selected among dozens of world traditions the one, which is absolutely unusual, yet amazing. Welcome Dance of the Death, held on Maundy Thursday in northern Catalonia, near the city of art & freedom, Barcelona.

Dance of Death - 'La Danza de la Muerte de Verges' in Spanish. Here, in Verges, every year in the evening of Easter Thursday, people celebrate an ancient and unique 'dance of death.' The Danza de la Muerte de Verges parade takes place to the beat of drums, and the participants carry toy machetes, ashes, and wear skeleton outfits.

The uncanny tradition of skeleton outfits or robes is to symbolize the final judgment of individuals after death to decide if the soul goes to heaven, to purgatory, or hell. And, the first place in Netgame list of Eastern traditions goes to.....Spanish one! As one of the world's strangest Easter customs, where, by the way, thousands of viewers pay a modest admission fee to see the procession, which is in the medieval village and also on the walls and towers.

Well, this year we hold this tradition at our homes without fees and hoopla! With Netgame Entertainment slot Golden Skulls you will have your own 'La Danza de la Muerte de Verges' celebration. Costumes were already perfectly designed for you; drinks were included, fun and rewards ensured, so what can be better staying at home for holidays, right? And whatever you do, do not pass by an old Mexican bar, where the unusual waiters will offer you the first tequila shot, and your fear of skulls will be gone.

Get extra Free Spins

Golden Skulls slot has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines. Game graphics impress players by their unique themes and decorations in the Mexican The Day of Dead style. The game is filled with different medium-win symbols such as Caballero, Maria, Don Pedro, Guitare, and Tequila Bottle as well as low-pay symbols like candles, roses, spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts.

Players can enjoy high-winning symbols, like Skull, that act as wild symbols and provide the best prizes by replacing standard symbols for the winning combination. Snake, in the game, acts as a Scatter, and if you land 3, 4, or 5 snakes anywhere on the screen, you will win 12, 15, or 20 Free Spins consequently. So, up to 20 Free Spins can be triggered if 5 Scatters appear on the reels.

In the Free Spins mode, Tequila symbols can be collected, and if you get all five of them, you will trigger an excellent Tequila Bonus Game with the opportunity to win 12, 15, or 20 Bonus Spins by shooting bottles and lamps. Players will be happy to Impress everyone with your shooting skills!

Netgame Entertainment wishes Happy Easter to everyone! Have fun at home & Be safe!


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