Loteria El Barril
Loteria El Barril

Loteria El Barril

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general information

  • Name Loteria El Barril
  • Game type Доп поле game_type
  • Realeased on October, 2023
  • Goes on Доп поле goes
  • Technologies Доп поле technologies
  • Gameplay Features Доп поле gameplay_features


  • Slot type Доп поле slot_type
  • Paylines Доп поле lines
  • Reels Доп поле reels
  • Maximum Win Base Game Доп поле max_win
  • Volatility Доп поле volatility
  • Symbols Доп поле symbols
  • Bonus Feature Доп поле bonus_games
  • Hit Frequency Доп поле hit_frequency
  • RTP Доп поле rtp
  • Bonus Feature Hit Rate Доп поле bonus_feature_hit_rate
  • Maximum Feature Exposure Доп поле maximum_feature_exposure

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